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CSAC is the state organization the implements the CA Dream Act application for state financial aid. For guides on how to fund your students’ education in multiple languages, please click HERE. Guides are available in Chinese, English, Hmong, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, and more!


Paying for college is one of the most common concerns for most parents and their students. However, we believe that the cost of attending should never be the reason why a student does not pursue a higher education. There are different types of financial aid based on the student’s profile. For students that qualify for AB 540 (in-state tuition), these students would be charged Resident Tuition & Fees. For students that do not qualify for AB 540 (out-of state tuition), these students would be charged Non-Resident fees. For more information on AB 540, please visit our Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

This chart below are estimated costs of attending based on the UC Berkeley Financial Aid office. The Tuition & Fees and Health Insurance (SHIP) are exact, whereas the Housing, Utilities, Food, Books, Supplies, and Personal vary by student. In 2013-2014, the average Dream Act aid student with a EFC of zero received about $10,129 per semester.  Students can bring in outside scholarships to offset the extra costs of housing, textbooks, transportation, and food.

Academic Year 2013-14 Living in a Residence Hall Living Off Campus(1) Living with Relatives
Housing & Utilities 14,232 (2) 7,458/year 2,506
Food 948 (3) 2,626 1,706
Books & Supplies 1,226 1,226 1,226
Personal 1,430 1,746 1,962
Transportation 606 924 1,814
Health Insurance (4) 2,014 2,014 2,014
Tuition & Fees (5) 12,864/year 12,864/ year 12,864/year
Total Resident Budget $33,320 $28,858 $24,092
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition & Fees $22,878 $22,878 $22,878
Total Nonresident Budget $56,198 $51,736 $46,970

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