Immigration Legal Support

Law-StudentsBerkeley Law’s International Human Rights Law Clinic and the Undocumented Students Program have partnered to provide free legal support and resources about immigration law to undocumented students at Cal.  Berkeley Law’s International Human Rights Law Clinic hosts informational workshops and weekly office hours to provide legal information regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and other immigration matters to interested students.

Students can complete the following form to request  an appointment in advance receive guidance on their immigration related questions. Students who are eligible to apply for DACA or another immigration status are matched with pro-bono attorneys who will represent them in their cases at no charge. Access Appointment Request Form here!

Students are eligible for:

  • Legal Orientation
  • Free Legal one-on-one consultation
  • Financial support with DACA application fee (until funds are exhausted)

Please contact us at for legal-related questions.

For the most up to date information, please see the following resource information sheets  created by The International Human Rights Law Clinic:

To learn about President’s Obama Executive Action (November 2014):  Executive Action Update Nov 21 2014- UCB Legal Support FINAL

To learn more about Deferred Action through Childhood Arrivals:     DACA Information Sheet

To learn more about DACA Renewal: DACA Renewal Info Sheet FINAL 140605

To learn more about how to get your Drivers License after DACA: How to Get Your DL ID

To learn more about obtaining your Social Security Number for Work Authorization:  How to Get Your SSN.

To learn more about leaving the country after receiving DACA (Advanced Parole):   Travel with DACA Handout_FINAL , Travel with DACA Tips_FINAL, &  Travel with DACA Guided i-131_FINAL 

For a webinar on Traveling abroad with DACA and Advanced Parole through E4FC:

For information about  California background checks:  CA DOJ background check sheet FINAL

For information about Federal background checks:    FBI Record Request How To


For other legal resources, check out these helpful handouts:

To learn about what you should expect from your legal representative:


To learn about how to protect yourself from fraud:



Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is here! Check out the following resources E4FC has prepared:

  • Deferred Action FAQs


Additional Community Legal Resources

  • ASPIRE ( Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education)