Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a six-week rigorous academic residential program that facilitates the transition of students from high school to the University. Since 1973, students have found the Summer Bridge Program essential to their successful transition to Cal. Summer Bridge cultivates a diverse community of scholars and prepares them to engage actively with and meet the challenges of a large public research University.

Summer Bridge students are assigned to an EOP Academic Counselor and Peer Academic Counselor. In addition, EOP professional and student staff coordinate weekly personal development seminars designed to facilitate transition to University expectations and culture. For additional information about Summer Bridge, please visit the Summer Bridge Home Page.

Undocumented students who participate in the Summer Bridge Program benefit greatly from the academic preparation, transitional academic counseling and programming, and other support services that prepare them for life at UC Berkeley. There are also unique situations around paying for Summer Bridge and preparing for the transition into the fall semester that are important to plan ahead for. If you are an undocumented AB540 student who would like more information about participating. call (510) 642-7224 to schedule an appointment.