Introducing Germán A. Cadenas, our newest mental health support staff!

Germán: Undocumented Student Program post-doc psychology fellow

Germán A. Cadenas is an immigrant and formerly undocumented. He holds a B.A. in psychology, B.S. in business administration, and a PhD in counseling psychology, all from Arizona State University. He was a Doctoral Psychology Intern at UC Berkeley and is now a Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow with USP. Germán also has a background as an activist and community organizer. He is a founding member of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, was involved in the resistance against “show me your papers” legislation, and was a student government leader.

Germán’s approach to counseling integrates social justice, mindfulness, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral frameworks. He is interested in immigrant mental health, multicultural counseling, identity development, educational and career development, student leadership, and healing from trauma. He is passionate about supporting immigrants overcome systemic and internal barriers in order to thrive.

Fun Fact: Germán’s first language is Spanish, which he can speak in counseling. He is also a major fan of everything Harry Potter and superhero movies.

Students can make an appointment with Germán by calling (510) 643-7590.