WHAT IS THE LATEST INFORMATION WITH REGARDS TO DACA? As of August 2018, our advice is as follows: If you currently have DACA and your DACA status is set to expire within 150 days, you should apply to renew ASAP. If your DACA is set to expire within 151 to 365 days, you should apply … Continued

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DACA, TPS & Immigration Under Trump Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WHAT DO WE KNOW? The election of Donald Trump, coupled with the election of a Republican-leaning Congress, could give rise to dramatic and unprecedented changes in immigration law enforcement and policy. Despite many of President Obama’s immigration policies, particularly the record-breaking deportation rates , the Trump Administration is likely to institute major departures from current practice. A summary of what these changes looks like can be found here . Trump’s campaign promises, his … Continued