Undocu-Week Student Stories: Grace

As part of Undocu-Week, we’ve asked Undocumented Students to share their stories and explain what it means to have support from our allies. Today we’re sharing the story of Grace Kim.

Grace Kim Undocumented Student Stories

When I think of the word “undocumented”, many things come to mind. I think back to the time when folks told me that I should be afraid, apologetic, and ashamed of my status, and I believed them for a long time. I think of the struggles I encounter everyday navigating through the barriers of living as an undocumented womxn of color.

But what I think of the most when I hear the word “undocumented” is POWER. I think of my fellow undocumented students and our efforts to unite, empower, and disrupt the institution to make our voices heard. I think of community mentors and educators who work tirelessly to provide, guide, and support for us to succeed. I think of allies who have stood in solidarity with us to support our community in every way possible. I think of how loving, accepting and inspiring our community is.

The undocumented community at Cal is home to me because it has given me a sense of belonging and a new meaning to life. Thank you for everything and for being my family.