Undocu-Week Student Stories: Yongbing

As part of Undocu-Week, we’ve asked Undocumented Students to share their stories and explain what it means to have support from our allies. Today we’re sharing the story of Yongbing Chang.

Yongbing Chang

Being undocumented was something I didn’t realize until I was applying to college. It was the small things – but these small things added up and I realized that there were obstacles in my way to higher education.

Since my time here at Cal, I’ve grown to understand and embrace who I am – and that means realizing the communities that I choose to be a part of and how my involvement in those communities help shape its narrative. I strive to be a role model for other undocumented folks because I’ve been so incredibly privileged throughout my life, and I want to work towards equitable social justice. I want to create spaces and moments for others to empower themselves because self-empowerment is so incredibly important. It is through the presence of such an unified and powerful community that I am able to be so motivated and inspired by the amazing folks all around me. And it is for them, and for myself, that I strive through life.