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The UC Berkeley Undocumented Student Program is committed to helping other educational institutions support the equity, academic advancement, and empowerment of undocumented youth. Use the behind-the-scenes information on the Discover Our Model website to help develop an undocumented student program for your campus.

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Tailor our model to your campus

Discover Our Model offers information on how we have developed our program, as well as data illustrating who we serve and the measurable impacts we’ve had since the program began.

Every campus will have different needs and unique resources, allies, and assets, but our model can help you get started.

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We ask users to sign in to access most of our program materials. This contact information lets us know who is using our resources, and helps us build the network of undocumented student programs nationwide. We respect your privacy and won’t share your contact information without your permission.

View our Sharing the Model video for a preview of how our Undocumented Student Program was initiated, and what we are doing to support the personal, academic, and professional growth of undocumented students.

Discover Our Model