Student Staff

Academics/Operations Team

Yair (he/him) | Peer Academic Counselor

Yair (he/him) is a 4th year studying English and Creative Writing. He grew up in Daly City, CA.

Raquel (she/her) | Peer Academic Counselor

Raquel (she/her) is a 3rd year studying Sociology. She is from the San Fernando Valley. Raquel loves watching movies and spending time with her loved ones (plus her cat, Ivy).

Jazmin (she/her) | Administrative Intern

Jazmin (she/her) is a 3rd-year transfer studying Sociology and Legal Studies. She lives in Albany, CA. Jazmin is a proud student parent and enjoys every minute she can with her child! She is an aspiring attorney, planning to attend law school after Cal.

Outreach Team

Esmeralda (she/her/ella) | External Community Outreach Intern

Esmeralda (she/her/ella) is a 4th year studying Economics/Public Policy. She is from Sinaloa, Mexico, and grew up in the Central Valley. She is beyond excited to continue working with the undocu-community (she has actually been working here since Spring 2022)! Esmeralda is a first-gen immigrant from Sinaloa, Mexico who has never felt more in tune with her legal identity specifically because of the support she continues to receive at USP. In her free time, Esmeralda enjoys doing nail art, making jewelry, reading, trying new foods, and watching shows at an ungodly hour of the night.

I’ll see you at the UCRC! <3

Biviana (she/her/ella) | External Community Outreach Intern

Biviana (she/her/ella) is a 3rd year studying Landscape Architecture. She was born in Mexico and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Some of her interests/hobbies are: scrapbooking, journaling, and listening to music. Biviana really loves baking, cooking, and drawing/doodling. Arts and Crafts are definitely her go-to favorite leisure activity, but she also loves to just watch movies and shows, and try different foods, especially sweets!

Karla (she/her) | Internal Community Outreach Intern

Karla (she/her) is a 4th year studying Chemical Engineering. She is from Zamora, Michoacan and Santa Rosa, CA. Karla is very excited to start her journey here with the undocumented community! She loves exploring new coffee shops to study in and love to read in her free time. She also loved skating and definitely wants to get back into it this semester. Hope to see you around the UCRC!

Creative Team

Yaretzi (she/her) | Marketing/Communications Intern

Yaretzi (she/her) is from Mexico and grew up in Dinuba, CA (Central Valley). She is somewhat of a shy person at first but she becomes outgoing with time. Yaretzi loves puzzles, listening to music, and anything that has to do with creativity. She is a 2nd-year architecture major and has always been interested in the field so she plans to be able to one day work as an architect.

Artemio (he/him/él) | Graphic Design Intern

Undocumented and unafraid, Artemio is a 1st-generation, low-income, senior transfer student from East Los Angeles College. At Cal, Artemio is pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies degree with a concentration in Globalization and Development. He plans to work for soccer youth programs to strike social inequalities, like Manchester City’s Cityzens Giving for Recovery. After graduating from Cal, Artemio is interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Sports Industry Management as his aspiration within the sports industry is to lead corporate and social responsibility spaces to rethink funding, provide resources to young leaders, and develop social programs in disenfranchised communities around the globe.

Emmily (she/her) | Publications Intern

Emmily (she/her) is a 2nd year studying Molecular and Cell Biology. She is from Coarsegold, CA. Emily loves nature, seeing her friends, and watching movies/tv shoes! She also enjoys incorporating and expressing creativity in her life, especially painting.

Francis (she/ella) | Publications Intern

Francis (she/ella) is a 3rd year studying Comparative Literature. She is from Nicaragua and grew up around the Bay Area. Francis is thrilled to be part of the Publications team and start the first-ever USP magazine. She loves to read, find new artists/music to listen to, go on outings around the city with her friends, and bake. Francis am so excited to get to know y’all and build community this year!