Through the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC), the USP Legal Support Team provides general consultations, and full legal representation on a wide range of immigration matters that are available to current UC Berkeley students and their family members.

Clients will be provided with legal information, a general consultation to create a pathway to legal status, when possible, and in many cases, full legal representation with regards to their immigration matters. In some cases, matters will be referred to other units at EBCLC, and if EBCLC cannot take the case, the students and their family members may be referred to partner organizations in the Bay Area, or other parts of California, if necesasry.

As of Spring 2019, appointments will take place at:

East Bay Community Law Center’s Adeline Location

2921 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703

All consultations with any USP legal staff are strictly confidential and privileged information and all information will be reviewed by licensed attorneys. Students should bring any pertinent immigration paperwork to the appointment with them so that we can best serve them.

For follow-up on existing cases and to receive guidance on your immigration or legal-related questions, please send an email to

DACA RENEWAL UPDATE (as of 4/17/2019):

The USP Program will submit renewals for DACA recipients whose DACA expires within the next 9 months. Please do not schedule an appointment with USP unless your DACA is set to expire within 9 months of the appointment date.

USP Appointments Update (as of 5/3/2019):

The USP Program has opened additional appointments through May 21, 2019. We will be closed on May 28, 2019, but appointments will reopen on June 4, 2019 and will continue through the summer until July 30, 2019. All appointments are at EBCLC’s Adeline Office at 2921 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA 94703.