Become an ALLY

The UndocuAlly Staff Training has been available to UC Berkeley staff and faculty who are interested in becoming allies to undocumented students on campus. There is a training each semester. For more information, email

UndocuAlly Training includes:

  1. Overview of history, laws and policies affecting undocumented youth
  2. Review of statistics on the undocumented student population at Cal
  3. Provide information about resources for undocumented students on campus
  4. Reveal the lived experiences of undocumented youth on campus and in the community at large
  5. Discuss what it means to be an ally and how to become an ally to undocumented students
  6. Experience the opportunity to connect with other UCB staff to share ideas on supporting undocumented youth

Show Your Support: The UndocuAlly Sticker

Large_SizeThe UndocuAlly sticker design was created as part of a contest asking UC Berkeley undocumented students and allies to create a recognizable symbol of support on campus.

At the end of the second day of the training, faculty and staff will be invited to sign an agreement that outlines their roles and responsibilities as an UndocuAlly. All faculty and staff who sign this agreement will receive an UndocuAlly sticker that they can display in their offices. Students will then be able to see these stickers across campus and know that there are welcoming and safe spaces for them.


Allies can access resources from the training here:

1. UndocuAlly Training Fall 2021_Resources for Allies_Updated_11-02-21

2. UndocuAlly Training Fall 2021_Key Terms and Concepts

3. UndocuAlly Training Fall 2021_Map of Undocu Supporting Spaces