Student Stories

Undocu-Week Student Stories: Gladys

As part of Undocu-Week , we’ve asked Undocumented Students to share their stories and explain what it means to have support from our allies. Today we’re sharing the story of Gladys Cortez. In my life I have had the pleasure to be mentored and supported by people who even if they didn’t understand by first hand … Continued

Facebook: We Made The Change. Did You?

Greetings, beautiful family! We’re proud to say we finally made the transition from a “Friend” page to a “Like” page! This is primarily due to easier accessibility to the page and to make it easier for folks to share our resources! After Tuesday, March 15th the Undocu StudentProgram “Friend” page will become inactive, and we … Continued

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USP’s Five-Year Strategic Plan: 2015-2020

We’re excited to share with you our Five-Year strategic plan for Cal’s Undocumented Student Program. Every year 65,000 Undocumented Students Graduate from U.S. high schools. California is home to 40 percent of these students, the majority of whom face enormous barriers to their success in school and beyond, including poverty, discrimination, and a legal system that … Continued

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Apply to Dream Summer Fellowship Program

The Dream Summer program provides fellowship opportunities to immigrant youth and allies throughout the nation. Dream Summer participants will engage in social justice work and movement building by addressing the intersections of immigrant rights issues with queer and transgender communities, the Asian Pacific Islander community, mass incarceration and deportations perpetuated by the criminalization of people … Continued


Apply for E4FC New American Scholars Program!

Priority for Non-DACA and/or Non-AB540! Apply for E4FC New American Scholars Program. Application deadline is March 1, 2016 at 5 PM PST. Full details and application form can be found on the Educators for Fair Consideration website:

Student Stories

Undocumented: Emily’s Story

Emily came to the United States from South Korea when she was 10 years old. She always dreamed of going to college. Her family believed success in the United States was predicated on hard work. Emily was concerned that because of her undocumented status, her options for college were limited. But she also knew that … Continued


What to do if ICE comes to your door

If you see U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in your area, report it immediately to the United We Dream hotline! Call 1-844-363-1423 and be sure to share the following infographic to help protect your community from detention and deportation! ‪#‎Not1More United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation. Its powerful nonpartisan network is made … Continued


Undocumented and Black Convening

Dear Black Undocumented Family, It goes without saying that our communities are in a state of emergency in a variety of ways. Black people across the country are facing unprecedented police brutality, increased criminalization and immigrant families are being torn apart, due to our broken immigration system. As a result, we are bearing the compounded … Continued