Research & Recommendations

Working Together to Improve Campus Climate for Undocumented AB540 Students at UC Berkeley
A Research Report by UC Berkeley Center for Race & Gender and the Center for Latino Policy Research
February 2013
This research report highlights the inception, scope and goals of the research project, “Working Together to Improve Campus Climate for Undocumented AB540 Students at UC Berkeley.” Funded by the Haas Foundation through the UC Berkeley Division of Equity & Inclusion, the project had three goals: 1) to initiate intentional community building efforts among undocumented students across the lines of race, ethnicity and national origin; 2) to launch an investigative research project that collects critical data about the experiences and insights of undocumented students at UC Berkeley; and 3) to facilitate the distribution of findings from UC Berkeley’s community building and research projects.

Chancellor’s Task Force on Undocumented Members of the On-­Campus Community
Recommendations to Chancellor Birgeneau
May 18, 2011

In spring 2009, Chancellor Birgeneau asked Vice Chancellor Gibor Basri to form and chair a task force on undocumented members of the campus community. The formal charge to the task force was to identify and articulate the issues and needs for undocumented members of the UC Berkeley on-campus community, with particular emphasis on undergraduate students, and to make recommendations for campus initiatives to support these students in best achieving their goals here, while recognizing legal strictures.

Strategies include:

  • Assessment of financial resources and gaps for undocumented students
  • Assessment of campus climate for undocumented students and other community members
  • Evaluation of campus services, including accessibility and effectiveness
  • Compilation and assessment of relevant campus policies
  • Recommendations to the Chancellor for key policy and service changes
  • Insuring continued implementation and monitoring of key policy and service changes after the task force
  • Increasing collaboration with outside private entities that can help with these issues