Parents FAQ

    There are many ways to fund your child's college education. Make sure you read the Paying for College page on this website, and review the Grants and Funding section, which includes information on Financial Aid as well as grants, scholarships and housing options. According to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, this is the cost of attendance at UC Berkeley for 2013/­2014 was:
    • Undocumented students that qualify for AB540 (in state tuition/resident tuition) average a cost of $24,092­ $33,320 per year.
    • Undocumented students that DO NOT qualify for AB540 status must pay non­resident fees.
    • However, the food, books/supplies, personal, transportation, and housing costs are variable based on student budget.
    • Financial Aid is based on financial need which is decided upon income as listed on the CA DREAM Act application (for those students that qualify for AB540).
    • Students that do not qualify for AB540 would need to bring in their own outside private scholarships to fund the cost of attendance.
    Please note that, for financial aid budgeting purposes, the Wada Apartments, Channing­Bowditch Apartments, International House, University Village, and the Maximino Martinez Commons Apartments are considered off­-campus housing.
    • Amount listed is a weighted average of all on-­campus housing choices.
    • Includes food not covered by the residence hall meal plan.
    • Amount for the Student Health Insurance Plan: can be waived if the student can show proof of equivalent coverage.
    • Tuition and fees are set by the Regents of the University of California and are subject to change.
    For assistance with the California Dream Act, Scholarships, qualifying for AB540 and other UC Berkeley Undocumented Student information, please click here.
    UC Berkeley offers BearWalk and Night Transit. BearWalk allows students to log in and request university safe escort services. For all-night safety services, please visit Night Transit.