Paying For College

Paying for college is one of the most common concerns for parents and their children.

We believe the cost of attending college should never be the reason why a student does not pursue a higher education. There are different types of financial aid based on the student’s profile. Please review the Grants & Funding section of this website for more information on the types of assistance available.

UC Berkeley Cost of Attendance

A standardized set of budgets are used as the basis for determining the cost of attendance at UC Berkeley. The budgets vary depending on the student’s living arrangements while in school; from living with parents or relatives, to living on-campus (residence halls), to living off-campus (apartment, sororities, fraternities). A cost of attendance budget is initially assigned depending on the housing option selected on the California DREAM Act Application until the student and the Financial Aid and Scholarships office confirm the housing status. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office may adjust the cost of attendance for students on a case-by-case basis to address individual circumstances. For details on cost of attendance, please click here.

Want an estimate of how much financial aid you might receive?

By answering a few simple questions, prospective undergraduate students can see their estimated financial aid award. Berkeley’s calculator produces estimated values based on the information you provide.

The calculator is Berkeley’s net price calculator. It also shows your estimated net cost of attendance. Click here to estimate how much financial aid you might receive.

UC Berkeley Financial Aid Eligibility